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Stock your tavern with Drinks, Goods, and Staff to bring in Patrons like mages and soldiers, dwarves and elves, to earn the most Gold!


* Fast-paced engine builder


* Immersive, quick-paced game play


* Simultaneous action rounds


* No player "down time" or elimination


* Competitive, Cooperative, or Solo play modes


* Careful blend of strategy & luck




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Image courtesy Ric Van Dyke 2019

"The village of Redstaff has been hosting the annual Tavern Masters competition for years. Hopeful tavernkeeps from across the entire kingdom of Eldaron travel to compete for the title. Each will stock their goods and hire their staff to serve as many patrons as they can attract. Do you have what it takes to become the best new Tavern Master in all of the Northern Realms? "In this game players will each stock their own Tavern with Goods and Staff to be able to play Patrons and earn Gold. Players may trade Tavern cards and Gold with one another. Players take each round phase at the same time, so there is no "down time" waiting for your turn. "In Competitive play, once any player has 20+ Gold at the end of any round, the game ends and the player with the most Gold wins! "In Solo or Cooperative play, players choose a number of game rounds from the Challenge Chart. All players must have 20+ Gold each by the end of the chosen rounds for the players to win!"

Updated 10/09/2022

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