Yared Muldove, Arcane Warder

   As a student of the arcane arts Yared Muldove is required to spend so many hours perfecting his craft, and what better way to do this than pragmatically and for a fee. He and his fellow students have taken to visiting the village of Redstaff and hiring out their services to the tavern with the caveat that they are students, meaning that their magic sometimes doesn’t work as intended. Yared’s real secret is how successful he truly is. His wards have helped to keep numerous creeping things in the darkness at bay, tricks he’s acquired from the wandering wizards and a necromancer by the name of Hawkin Redghast. During Yared’s first days in the Wizard’s Academy, Hawkin was a mentor, teaching him the many navigable corridors and where to find Teachers who would complement his skills rather than hold him back.

As a Warder Yared learned a great many ways to protect with the power of spells, and Hawkin provided him with a multitude of practical tips for avoiding the undead and abominations that would otherwise overtake a quiet village like Redstaff. Rather than hoard these secrets like many of the students in the Academy, Yared made the village into his own proving grounds and over the years has been refining his talents and tricks to protect the denizens therein. Most in Redstaff don’t even notice the many little flowers or how the trails take a peculiar winding path, although his runic wards are noticed on almost every doorway and on the roads in and out of the village proper. Businesses in the village hire him to improve, renew, or cast wards to protect against a variety of problems, including against fire and inclusion of ghostly powers.

Yared’s parents live very far away, having pooled a sum of coins to afford him his journey and stay, now all that remained was for him to become a successful mage. His skills are ever refined and his work put to the test all too often, for while his wards usually holds the occasion comes when they do break. Although he is not from the village of Redstaff he has taken a liking to the many denizens, and when his spells fail and someone gets hurt, he takes any loss personally. It makes the long journey between the Wizard’s Tower and the village a grueling period of worry. The extent of his concern is so great that some of his teachers have seen fit to allow him the use of crystal balls usually reserved for special divination classes, allowing him to monitor his progress as a warder and allowing him to keep his eyes on the people he’s come to enjoy the company of.