Urgo Ghurt, Troll Bouncer

Urgo Ghurt was small, only the size of a normal human teenager of the same age when he lost some of his family, only he and his father Gerard who had been crippled by a mage’s handiwork were spared. Gerard pleaded with the orc Warlord to let his family stay as the root vegetables and cows they herded required a certain strength to maintain. The Warlord agreed they were pitiful but could not spare them without compensation. A receipt was made, with which he could buy them back later. In the months after they were gone he grew exponentially until he was the largest being in his village. Even though he was large and strong he was not enough to save his farm alone. Ingrid his mother and Earl his older brother were sorely missed and the results spoke in their meager harvest. Urgo needed a way to make enough money to buy them back from their captors and the paltry herd of cows he had been able to save from raiders and roving monsters did not cover the bill.

After a particularly bad visit to the market in which a thief had managed to steal the day’s few coins he found solace in a tavern during a night when none of the other village regulars were in, only the unfamiliar and suspicious glances of mercenaries. Before he could finish the first mug a number of mercenaries started a brawl that quickly involved all the soldier patrons in the tavern. Intent on slipping out unnoticed he tried to take a long way around but someone broke a chair over his back. In a rage he grabbed them all by twos and threes and hurled them out into the dirt road, sorely testing the door hinges on a few unfortunate souls before the rest were moving out voluntarily. Urgo was hired immediately as bouncer and given enough money to buy his family back that night. It was only some time later that he would learn the mercenaries had been hired by the tavern to clear out the underworld element from their rooms only to have them demand protection money. The fight had been between the thieves’ guild and those mercenaries. Urgo instantly gained a reputation with the shadier individuals of Redstaff, and the underworld boss took notice.

With the money he needed in hand he sent for his family. While he waited for them to return he taught himself to fight properly with the help of a few other dedicated fighters in town such as the warrior maiden, the Captain of the Guard, and the pit fighters. Although he never uses more than he must his skills have become refined over the excess of use during the current restlessness of the village. When his mother and brother were finally returned he crushed the spine of the fool pirate that dared to demand double the sum. The Thieves’ Guild offered to protect him from pirate infiltrators in exchange for Urgo’s occasional minor assistance, which Urgo accepted on the condition that they leave him and his family alone, and not interfere with his work. Urgo’s family has not been harmed since and his position as a bouncer more than pays for all of them to have a place in the village where they are sheltered from kidnappings and live without the back breaking labors.