U’han Por, Archmage

To be an Archmage is to have spent the equivalent of a life time studying the magical arts and their intricate designs. The Wonder of the Archmage to be able to not only understand, but to be able to execute effortlessly the tricks of the trade that require the full power of a younger man, to bend the laws of reality and surpass them entirely. The power that an Archmage exudes is palpable and every word said can be as sacred as from a prophecy. And so it is the same with U’han Por, Archmage. He is a household name on the road to the Wizard’s Academy, many a village knows his passing as surely as the students who earnestly study for decades the material he had written when he was no older than they. U’han Por is no Wizard, not born to the skill like so many others, but he had a knack for it, for all things magical. And a wise grandmother saw that he got the training he needed from an early age.

With the aid of a great many individuals, now many of whom are dead, U’han was able to crack the mystery of the Giant’s Throne, to unlock the centuries old Targa Box, and to journey across the Realms of Destiny, of the Dead, the Elemental planes of Five Guardians, the Sunlit Grove, and the Zak’Ral Mirror World. It is no wonder then, that so famous a mortal man would choose to avoid the throngs, travelling only the more secret routes and less observed lengths of forest. The village of Redstaff was even smaller when he first passed through, his patronage brought tiny empires into being among them and the village prospered as a throng of magic users would invariably follow shortly after, close on his heels for the chance to observe some secret or trick, or maybe even to test themselves. Although Archmage Por has been gone for more than ten years now the people of Redstaff know what he likes, and make way to accommodate him and his followers, his return is the start of another boom for the area.

His love of the simple people and seclusion make this a regular stop for him, but the thing sets a tavern apart by his estimation is comfortable seating and elven wine. U’han Por acquired a great fondness for the exquisite wine during a long stay among the elven high courts. Although he had gone to learn of the nature of the faeries who were more involved with the elves than most of the other species available, the discovery of elven wine and the bold move to adjust the nature temple complex within was enough to kick him out. Since the adjustments caused the Faeries to leave the court for a term of fifty years the Archmage is no longer welcome to return the high court, so any place where he can find a taste of that fond memory secures his return, which in turn secures the return of others eager for a word with him. It is fortunate that U’han Por has time for the common mortal magic user on a rare occasion, and the barkeep fortunate enough to secure him can count on his intervention. “For what is power if you do not occasionally wield it.”