Thorna Redblaine, Local Guildmaster

Daughter of a prominent family who did a majority of the trading in the region since the beginning of the mine. While the Redstaff mine had been opened by another family the Redblaine’s were one of the first to begin the trading of the ore they carved out of the earth. With trading being in the family for so long Thorna grew up on father’s knee reading ledgers and balancing books for her homework. As a teenager she was kidnapped by a thieves guild for ransom. While captive her suggestions fell on the ears of an ambitious thief who implemented them and watched as their business became more efficient, above board, and most importantly profitable enough to entice even these thieves to agree to not only follow her advice but also release her in exchange for future advice. While the thief would go on to become a thieves’ guild regent over the region Thorna’s dealings increased threefold, especially in the absence of her father who took ill after a lifetime of indulgence.

With her father now residing in comfortable retirement Thorna took control of not only her family business but became a fierce political force whose involvement in the Merchant’s Guild brought her acclaim among her peers. With her at the helm she incorporated a number of smaller traders under her business’s flag and was able to balance the needs of the people employed and receiving the goods, as well as her bottom line. Anyone looking at her books would see an immaculate representation of her ever growing empire fueled by her meticulous and scrupulous nature, yet still the villages of the region will whisper suspicion of underhanded dealings being the real secret to her success. Thorna’s not even remotely concerned by the attention, it helps to keep some potentially troublesome individuals from attempting to move in.

Most recently Thorna was promoted within the Merchant’s Guild to Local Guildmaster, which has afforded her a greater responsibility that she has ever known. Fortunately Thorna loves the challenge and thrives in the hectic nature of her profession and birthright. By all accounts she is a glowing success with ambitions tempered by her keen awareness of her abilities. In time she means to advance in the Merchant’s Guild, and bring her business with her as she climbs the ranks. For now she enjoys the leisure time she can afford, drinking wine and playing games in the local taverns that benefit most sharply from her watchful eye. Few of the business deals Thorna has a hand in go awry, and those that do are solely by the strange happenstance that a magical world can afford. A vampire attack can be prepared for, the spontaneous opening of a ring of fire connecting to the elemental plane underneath a wagon of goods cannot be protected against. The magic required to protect cargo from troubles like that simply wasn’t available for turnips, but she did manage to up-sell a number of such protective measures to shipments of more important items like ores and magical components following the event.