Selamina of the Fifth Wind, Elven Barmaid

Selamina of the Fifth Wind is the second daughter of an elven family from the Enchanted Forest. Her father Elothelium and mother Fervisilia had once been adventurers who raised the rams kept sacred by the elven forest king. Her brother Halen’or nearly lost his life when the whole family saved the animals in a fight against a savage forest dragon. The Forest King then awarded them a few of the sacred quadrupeds for their own as well as the space to raise them at the edge of his kingdom. The ewe’s milk had magical properties and it would support them without any other food and keep them from feeling the effects of sickness. To slow the attacks on the herd, and protect the line should they fail otherwise, the Forest King ordered them into seclusion.

The family of the Five Winds was happy to oblige, but Veraliah’s sister Selamina was not content to remain in hiding in the forest thick with monsters and mayhem. So she broke ways with them, appearing from nowhere on the road and walking into Redstaff, followed shortly by Veraliah. She would come to keep an eye on her sister Selamina and the village in case they venture into danger or the forest where her family lay in hiding. Although her family had gifted Selamina money with which to care for her sister and herself she didn’t have enough to last very long without a job. Veraliah saved money by camping outside close to all those elven things she so loved, the trees, the wind, the wild animals. Unfortunately, Selamina’s older sister lost that money just as quickly wining and dining the women of the taverns under the guise of keeping a watchful eye. Selamina eventually stayed in a tavern that served cheese and having never before tasted something so divine as cheese she agreed to work for it. The master of the tavern agreed and continued to charge her lodgings, sending her fleeing to tavern after tavern where her needs alternated back and forth between cheese and a roof over her head.

The nights they spent outside became more and more perilous as thugs and shadows of men were drawn to their camps. Eventually Selamina left her sister to the woods. Without her sister for protection and company it was apparent to everyone that Selamina needed a place to stay and while many offered Selamina needed someone whom she could trust. Her sister was not without compassion and introduced her to a noble woman she had met while entertaining at a tavern. Selamina moved into the manor of the highborn Lady Quintessa Olivia DuMont who collected her like a piece of art. Not that this is disagreeable, there are constant gifts of the finest clothing and jewelry to adorn herself with, scent baths, and servants. Selamina continues to work at the taverns for spending coin, cheese, and the company of countless travelers who have so very much to tell about the world for whom she hungers most.