Marcus Quorio, Traveling Merchant

Marcus Quorio of the low-land Quorios is a beast of a man. During his youth his frame was pushed to the limits with stocking large sacks and barrels of goods on shelves and into carts. Many times he was the only one available for the job as most of his family line to be slight of frame and bad of back. His father Antonio, also a traveling merchant, had an affair with a young woman in the nearby village of Raven’s Hollow when he would travel to purchase fresh herbs and supplies from the witches. On one of his return visits, he learned that the woman had died in childbirth and that one of the witches, her sister, would raise the child. Antonio knew that his own wife would not be happy, but felt the responsibility to take the boy home instead and raise Marcus with his own children. Needless to say Marcus was not his new mother’s favorite at first, but Endalesse was kind enough to punish Antonio, not Marcus. Antonio was eventually too old to travel, mostly busy at the local store or kept at home by Endelesse while the growing children would work as they could. Antonio worried about keeping his supply routes as many villages depended on his goods and trade, so Marcus volunteered to take up his father’s routes as he was the best equipped for carrying the goods and strong enough to handle himself in a fight. Over the years, Endelesse grew to love Marcus and loved him as her own.

On his third journey out, Marcus traveled to Raven’s Hollow to retrieve a special order of healing potions for the local Adventurers Guild. When meeting with the witches, he learned of his mother, a sick woman who had come from the Greywood and who had loved his father during many of the trips he had come to visit. She had been sweet and quiet and rarely spoke of herself or her home, but what they did say was that she had come here looking for a better life and had taken a nasty turn on the way. The witches of the village were not able to stem the curse that weakened her, nor were they able to heal her when she died in child birth. His father was commended by them all for his compassion in taking Marcus home, the whole of the village was more than happy to see how he had grown in his care. For years he would return and see whom he would come to feel was his second family. It was more than that, they were teachers too. Marcus had no magical aptitude but a great love for turning a deal and armed with the knowledge of their every use the herbs, tonics, and potions he returned home with flew off the shelves.

Marcus grew older with each passing year, enjoying the success that his prowess afforded him, but he was malcontent. He wanted to break the tidal lock on his path, wanted to bring his wares to new places and maybe even find someone to spend his life with. All of which he felt would happen if he were free. He left his family in the care of his younger half-brother and three sisters who were already well-versed in the trade and managing the family store with great success. Marcus loaded up a cart of their finest wares and left for adventure. As time passed he sold the cart and his wares and began to carry the promissory notes from suppliers to prospective towns. Now he’s come to Redstaff and found a surprising thirst for the new. In this strange crossroads the traveling merchant can find countless opportunities to arrange contacts and arrange supply lines for a surprisingly wide reach. For Marcus this is a golden opportunity, a chance to fill out his frame with comfort, and he is always on the lookout for adventure.