Kord Rokamat, Dwarven Miner

Kord Rokamat is an older dwarf of one hundred and forty years who relocated from an iron mining colony in the west. The Rokamat clan has been carving out the bones of the earth for millennia but the family has never crawled out of the poverty that comes with working a mundane metal. Not content to struggle Kord left his clan at a young age and went to find his fortune in the rarest veins, chasing myths of moonsilver and artifacts of dwarven miners long since passed. He never found the moonsilver, and in chasing it he threw away every opportunity to hunt out jewels or even mine the leodite stone used in crafting the finest dwarven alloys. His time spent with masters was not unfruitful, he learned valuable skills that would have carried him so much further had he remained with any of the mining companies. He once was hired to manage a gerunite mine, but left when he caught wind of a moonsilver lode in the Ironcrest Hills through a traveler who told him of sizable chunks being sold to the open market.

When meeting with the owner of the mine, Itinany Fo, he was taunted with a large mostly formless ball of moonsilver which was said to have come fresh from the mine. It would be some time after pouring every coin he didn’t have into the fiend’s hands that he would learn the ball was a family heirloom from an ancestor who first found the mine hundreds of years ago. Throughout all of the intervening years only a hand full of ingots had ever been pulled and all of them within the first decade of occupation. The Fortune’s Rest Mine was expanded upon feverishly in the many profitless years it had failed to support the family, and now they had made from it what virtually none of the Fo family in a hundred years had accomplished: They made enough to escape. It was enough to nearly break Kord who has not since suffered a fool or a sly hand without a fierce temper to answer in the years since.

Kord was not about to chase the wily family across the realms, instead he focused on turning the Fortune’s Rest into something more than just a sinkhole, with a long trained talent he wandered forgotten tunnels and mapped his acquisition in its entirety, enjoying the slightly too large manor house with all its rotting furniture and supports when he returned from a long day of trudging. During his inspection he cleared rock falls and debris, polished rough tunnels and brought in his own supports wherever necessary, it was grueling work of months but he came across iron and copper deposits that would support expansion and crews. Soon he would have enough to trade for more than his worker’s wages and maintenance, he could even fix up his mansion with goods from Redstaff. During his few years with Fortune’s Rest he has scrimped, saved, and invested in the mine enough to see a comfortable living that affords him the peace of a tavern and a fool to entertain him. He’ll take in a show regularly when the troubadours in Redstaff gather to play.