Julie Alcoast, Peasant

Julie Alcoast is a peasant in the village of Redstaff, living in a small apartment above the blacksmith’s which she had worked for tirelessly herself. She has a son with the blacksmith but enjoys being a free woman and rebuffs the few advances she receives. If you need something done it’s Julie that you can call on, any tiny job is her domain, from sewing to dusting to mucking out stables or slaughtering animals. The Alcoast family has never been above doing honest hard labor, all of them have scratched a life out of the hard earth and Julie left her family in the south to make a place of her own. Redstaff
appealed to her, more importantly they needed her. In the first few hours after her arrival Julie had a job at several homes to tend to cleaning and horses and paid her handsomely for the work they themselves had no time for.

Julie is beloved by the people, and feared as well. No one knows how but Julie has a stranglehold over the Alderman, although she would never do so many whisper that she could walk out of his mansion with everything he owned and he would not call for the guards or raise a hand. She is kind not to flex her power often but when her son Tomnin lost the Alderman’s coin purse down the well during a juggling demonstration the Alderman intended to give the scrawny lad a vicious thrashing. Julie put her foot down, interposing herself between them and whispering something into the ear of the old man. A mere heartbeat later and mother and son were gone without reprimand or scorn.

Few are those in the village who didn’t turn to her eventually, most of them come to enjoy her easy laugh and nowhere is she more enjoyable than when she’s found in a tavern ankle deep in a cup with a belly full of some warm meal from the kitchen. As someone who cooks and cleans for a living it’s a pleasure that she affords herself to buy her evening meals in such comforting places among her many friends and prospective clients. It’s her way to stop serving long enough to drink in her time and often to join the crowd who come to see her son.