Harvile Clynen, Guardsman

Harvile Clynen once lived in the realm’s city capitol of Orynn, where a wild youth saw him in stockades and prison more than once. Without family, having left them behind to find himself, he had no anchor to keep him grounded and he flew free. His days were spent languishing with beautiful people who would keep him for his jovial manner and youthful exuberance. To make coin he would perform feats, back-flips onto tables, scaling buildings in record time and leaping from them to land neatly. But as time went on he was paid to do more than simple tricks, soon he was engaging others, from simple rudeness to violence in record time as well. It was when he assaulted a young man on the request of his noble friends that turned out to be a cousin of the King himself that he was imprisoned for a serious investment of time. Harvile turned to his noble friends, who denied their connections with him entirely and walked out of his life forever.

So abandoned, the Captain of the Guard who was a man of normal stature but imposing bearings took pity on him. When Harvile confessed to the crime wholeheartedly with courage he was sentenced with hard labor at the Captain’s discretion. This took the form of a post as a guard at the Gate. Harvile was blessed with a great many privileges and taught to defend himself against the terrors that would devour a green soldier such as himself. Only a few harvest seasons would pass before he was a free man, having saved his fellow guards time and time again through valor and showing an enthusiastic embrace of the concepts of duty, honor, and self-worth. Harvile could not stay in Orynn though, his previous employers pestered him for favors that his new found honor could not stand or survive. Turning them down became dangerous as nobles in Orynn are not often denied their desires and have not yet learned to live with rejection, especially when that can mean jail time for them as well. Returning home had never been an option before, not without having made something of himself, he feared he could only hope to insult his family with what he saw as his crawling return. The parting had been sudden and much had been said and not meant, but he needed them and it turned out that they needed him too.

With little more than his sword and a single change of clothes he was barely accomplished, yet when he returned home to Redstaff his family whole and well Harvile received a warm welcome. Bandits had raided them to poverty and the final blow came when they could not afford the food needed to survive. His father had gone out to hunt and wolves had him tried for days before he had killed enough of them to return, laden with their carcasses but crippled from their initial attack. The wolves fed and clothed them and put a little coin in their purses for a little while. His mother Clement and brother Illvix had managed to keep enough going to save the home but soon they would have nothing. He found a job in defending the town against the rampant bandit problem that has earned him the respect of the region and enough coin to restore the Clynen family with a little left over to allow for the comforts of a tavern.