Gemat Karne, Dwarven Bard

Gemat Karne is alone in Redstaff, his family left well behind on his epic journey to be a free man. He is not the long forgotten prince of another realm, he is not beholden to his people or family, has no cares in the world, and does not question the flow of fate. But once, long ago, he both was and did. As the twentieth child in the royal family of a peaceful kingdom he did not see himself as becoming more than a figurehead in charge of some nowhere settlement, and rather than allow himself to be painted and crushed under the weight of that pointless responsibility he renounced his claim and fled to the surface where his kingdom and its obligations ended. On his emergence he was discovered by a troupe of musicians. One among them with incredible skill for woodworking helped him convert his favorite ax into a masterful sounding lyre.

Adjusting to the wanderer’s lifestyle was seamless, his troupe supported him as he learned his new craft and found that he had a true talent for expressing himself through the ax like no warrior had before. This natural proclivity and speed with which the skill developed left his arrogance untarnished by the radical shift in lifestyle. Fights broke out between Gemat and the members of the troupe, Gemat felt that his new found skill was worthy of a prince’s high praise and thus a prince’s wages, while his fellow performers did not. Villagers far and wide found his music unique and usually paid for his needs, and when it no longer seemed prosperous in a place or when trouble reared its angry head he simply wandered away, catching a caravan or passing haywain wherever the ride might take him. Practicing with his ax fills almost all of his spare time and his focus is just as sharp as his blade.

His arrival here was like many of his arrivals, being dumped off the back of some cart when he would not awaken at any other sensible time. Here is where the hay cart stopped and in the quaint village of Redstaff he found a people who celebrated and welcomed his obsession with his instrument. His aloof attitude acts in stark contrast to the beautiful notes that ring off of the heirloom ax whose metal strings and unique materials make for an electric performance. Gemat’s focus is now legendary among the villagers and he plays through any occasion, including a vampire attack on one of the taverns during the first few nights after he arrived. The notes of his instrument still playing on after the initial attack drew the monster into the tavern where a squadron of soldiers ambushed and slew it. It is his most requested song and occasionally others will reenact the event for sympathetic coin.