Celemony Agranor, Apprentice Mage

Celemony Agranor is the adopted daughter of the orc Urtz Malgma and human Burgru Agranor the infertile couple of the Malgma clan who had been instrumental in the growth of the Redstaff mines in days long gone. The Malgma family has since moved on, leaving Urtz and Burgru in frustration until Celemony was discovered in the wild grass fields where their animals normally graze. The couple, desperate to nurture, welcomed her into their life. Celemony took the name Agranor after her father and the two of them were quick to notice the unusual strength of magic their daughter possessed. Celemony grew fast and wild in the woods around her home, feeling some kinship out in those parts. No one returned for her in fourteen years and in that time her parents encouraged her growth by practical application. Her talents were varied and her skill was wild but when she meant it, when scared or hurt, when determined the magic within her manifested in precise and powerful fashion.

It was the night she tried to save their oxen by setting raiders on fire from the inside out, in which she was a rousing success, only to begin to uncontrollably burn everything she laid her eyes on including Burgru, that Urtz and Burgru sent their daughter to the Academy for her apprenticeship. After three long years Celemony has at last mastered herself and now travels abroad, following in the footsteps of Archmages as she is passed from scholar to scholar in an attempt to find her limits. Thus far she has none beyond her own initiate skills, the teachers watching her grew concerned during some of her endurance tests, when asked to create water as long as possible she needed to be contained by expert mages and wizards lest the whole of the island become flooded. The experience has been rough and the lessons hard on Celemony’s carefree and ever increasingly rebellious spirit and she has since run off to Redstaff for a vacation.

Here at home for a brief period her magical gifts are restoring her ranch and protecting her family. Heartfelt confessions of fear for her life and their own were laid out in great detail when pressed as to why her parents would inflict such a punishment as to send her away, as well as the honest conviction that she would be able to do amazing things thanks to these hard times. Although angry, Celemony silently agrees. To ease the contradicting emotional turmoil that her ever changing life was forcing on her, in her own words, she sought out the taverns which she had been denied all the many years of her youth. Being an apprentice was not particularly well paying but she had performed extraordinary tasks that had earned her both coin and time off and she spends most of both drinking the mead she had come to love while training alongside a warrior mage and watching entertainers in taverns. Lars had insisted and Celemony agreed that there is no point drinking if nothing entertaining is happening.