Bette and Markov Rosso, Pit Fighters

Bette Rosso and Markov Rosso are twins who found a niche in the region early on in life. Since a young age they have been fighting, and not just arguments, the Rosso children solved their disputes with intense displays of violence. As children their scraps were serious but their effects were minimal. As they became teenagers the damage they could cause to a location became extensive. Chairs and tables broken with the random bodies weren’t free, they cost the family a great deal of coin. After a bad one that had cleared a tavern of all furniture Papa Rosso brought the siblings to a pit fight to attempt to make the money needed. It had been his intention to scare them straight while earning some money through a bet. While they watched their first pit fight one of the fighters lost an eye. The gory move put a stop to the fight, their father lost everything he had been betting. When thugs came to collect the two of them worked together and they were able to distribute a severe and costly beating to the would-be muggers. When the underworld boss came to them with his bruised underlings and a few fresher faces he was pleasantly surprised by the grit of the youngsters who again beat the underlings and his new hires.

So he offered them a job. The Rossos entered the next fight to pay for their father’s debt and fought against dogs, teams of thugs, and even each other, although the fights were designed to kill them they survived and even became famous for their flippant dismissal of the criminal’s attempts. Their fight against each other was legendary, they knew how far to push each other and their skill was so evenly matched that the fight would be long and bloody. With so many admirers the twins decided that fighting for the money was better than fighting for their lives and turned their pitiless hobby into a career. Because they are still young they don’t hold back and throw themselves into every fight, after which Papa Rosso brings them to the tavern to nurse their wounds and lighten the massive loads of cash they had earned. The Rossos are favorites among the fighting scene but when it comes to protecting the town their father keeps them restrained, holding them back from battles with monsters lest they become injured and lose the power to earn. As an outlet Markov and Bette both teach their skills to others in the village, sparring with new partners helping them to become better fighters as the excuse for Papa while they sneak out to have their adventures.

After a short lifetime of being dirt poor the Rosso family has become a little heady with their newfound coin, having paid off the boss that first night they were soon thereafter so wealthy the family could afford to live entirely on the many tavern’s hospitalities. While Papa Rosso spends lavishly on himself he is not so foolish as to let the two question why he should have any at all and encourages them to indulge in simple things such as the physical pleasures that their adoring fans were throwing their way unbidden and a tavern’s most famous offering: drinks. The twins tried it all but discovered they enjoy the strongest of drinks, the Dragon’s Breath, a taste acquired after Bette’s brutal victory over Markov when the family had a post-fight drinking contest. Dragon’s Breath’s fiery burn was an endurance challenge and the state it left them in had them enjoying more and more of the tavern’s luxuries, including the vast number of opportunities to pounce upon any passerby that might catch their all-inclusive fancies.