Beltrain Hanover, Goods Trader

Working hand in hand with a throng of traders from the realms many corners, including those like Marcus Quorio and the Banendae Sisters, has made Beltrain Hanover one of the busiest of bodies in the whole of Redstaff. His youth affords him a greater strength and speed than that of his competitors and his smart eye of a needy hand has made him a tidy sum, not that his effiency or wealth has allowed him the time to slow down. Hanover is in it alone, aside from his business associates who struggle to maintain a trailing pace, he supports himself and his business with the sheer strength of will to see the next day. It’s not his dream to pursue the task, but it fell to him one day by chance when his stall had been purchased by another merchant for the majority of their stock. Not realizing the great call for healing potions had not been as answered as they had thought in the wake of a bridge’s collapse, this merchant was forced to purchase back his stock, at three times the selling price of course.

Having no choice but to accept the poor deal the merchant called Beltrain a foul little scrounging git, which tickled Beltrain all the more. There was a heartwarming chuckle waiting at the end of every deal when he made out like a bandit, which he often did as many merchants and traders would be soon acquainted with him. Villagers would commonly pass them on to the young Hanover, preferring to deal with someone they know instead of a stranger, and Hanover soon had enough coin in his coffers to hire revenge for a sour deal and to shower his loyal customers with discounts. His masterminding is far from perfect but his judge of character and knowledge of the village keep him on top when others crumble, not too many years from now it’s not inconceivable that the Alderman would see the value in laws that forced Beltrain into every such deal.

For now, Beltrain contents himself with his break neck pace and hires the watchful eye. Those who fail him are fired and bounties are set on the heads of those who cross him. Young and occasionally ruthless, Beltrain stops just short of the dirty or bloodthirsty deed, choosing to crush his opponents with the deals and distemper that he can manage. He’s not so foolish as to cross the Mastermind, nor the Alderman, and he endeavors to keep the two of them at arms length for as long as it suits him. Keeping hands and eyes off of his stock is a real task and their cooperation has its limits, the remedy of which was bigger and better locks, magic protection, and hired muscle. Many of the people whom Beltrain pays are to ensure the safety of the goods, as their loss can mean the end of his empire before it rises.