Bellinda Eion, Luscious Tart

Bellinda Eion’s name eventually falls from the lips of nearly every adventurer who spends a jolly coin in a tavern. She is the living embodiment of promise and lures in all manner of strangers off the street. Her plucky feigned innocence and oblivious alluring body language encourages the owner of any tavern to entice her with whatever she pleases, but what this luscious tart melts over is the passion that an entertainer can arouse. For Bellinda a powerful melody or a thrilling act would give her a rush of excitement that propel her into a dance or a frenzy of childlike innocence. Tomnin the juggler has tried many a dangerous trick to win her heart, and though she likes the dangers involved her eyes always land on the dwarven bard Gemat.

Unfortunately for Bellinda Gemat is uninterested in her basic human stock and farm fresh innocence. With his eyes firmly locked on the elven barmaid Selamina Bellinda’s unanswered beckoning nature spills over into every other interaction, which does not go unnoticed by Bellinda. The tart’s sweet temperament hides a sinister temper, and when the occasion arises she will let slip the location of Selamina’s camp or hints that the elven barmaid is actually wealthy. To her the haggard appearance of Selamina the night after evading more mercenaries is like a warm cup of coffee. Those mercenaries who are unable to find or secure a fortune on her seductive words occasionally return for restitution and the village usually pulls to defend her, knowing full well she was in the wrong but no one is willing to turn their back on Ma and Pa Eion who had lost two generations of children to accidents, sickness, pirates, war hoards, and feral entities of unseen horrors for a total of twenty children, and all six grandchildren lost. If anyone had the pity of the village it was the Eion family, so much so that the home they lived in was rebuilt by everyone.

Ma and Pa Eion do not approve of her ‘little jokes’ on the elven barmaid, who is often her only victim, or her interest in a bard or any other entertainer and work together with many other villagers work to keep their beloved Bellinda from focusing on any one man. Luck is with her poor victims as she is not so terribly smart, the village turns her attention to one or another person and keeps her from either leaving her position or from leaving town with whomever she shacks up with. Despite the village’s best efforts on Ma and Pa Eion’s behalf, she’s frequently throwing herself at soldiers, admiring their weapons, and displaying her great talent for affection anywhere that she can be noticed. Ma and Pa Eion are hoping to marry her to a wealthy traveler, especially if it’s a nobleman, so far few pass through Redstaff. As such they allow her to continue her job despite the dangers that her temper can get her into.