Welcome to the rich, beautiful worlds of Crystal Ravenscroft. Peer through the crystal veil, gaze upon the vastness of infinity, and explore the vibrant planes of magic and mystery deep in the mindscapes of madness. Let Crystal be your guide as together you delve into strange vistas and dreamscapes, and encounter the unique inhabitants which dwell in the hidden places therein.


Murkin Tradewind, Thief

Thieves are an understood byproduct of success in any honest habitation but Murkin Tradewind has become something of a notorious one in the village of Redstaff. Known foremost for his truly terrible skill at his chosen profession, Murkin, while awful, usually manages to knick little things such as wallets and purses. It’s ill-fated luck that …


May 20th, 2017

Well I was excited to see if the post would publish itself, but it would seem such is not the Destiny I wield. For now Tavern Journals continues!



February 24th, 2017

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