Dann Kriss was born in Houston, TX and grew up deep in the heart of Southeast Texas.


Since a young age, Dann has loved creating games of all sorts for sharing fun experiences with his friends, exploring worlds of imagination and wonder. In the early ‘90s, a pre-teen Dann began programming fantasy games with his close friends in Q-Basic, then later in TurboPascal and C++.


In his teen years, he would dream up card games with his friends, while they would while away the hours, days, months, and years role-playing in worlds such as Palladium Fantasy, Rifts, White Wolf’s World of Darkness, and many strange and wondrous worlds crafted by his friends.


Later, he joined different gaming groups with other friends and got into more games such as AD&D and D&D 3rd, exploring settings like Greyhawk, Faerun, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, and his favorite, Ravenloft.


Contact: dann@dannkrissgames.com

Updated 03/11/2018

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