Cthulhu: The Great Old One is an easy-to-play strategy matching game, bringing to life iconic characters, locations and relics from the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. The core mechanics are taken from Black Peter, an old European game similar to classic matching games like Old Maid, but with newly added layers of gameplay, strategy and player interaction, resulting in a much more versatile and unique experience every time you play. Make as many pairs from the stories as you can and play Horrors on your friends to earn points, but beware the Great Old One… unless you are the Cultist! The first edition of this beautifully illustrated game is presented in an exquisite Tarot-sized card format for greater enjoyment of the visual splendor of each card, lovingly hand-painted by renowned Gothic fantasy artist Ian Daniels.


Players: 2 to 6  -  Time: 15 to 30 Mins  -  Age: 8+  (Potentially scary images for children)

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Updated 03/31/2018

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