Dann Kriss Games (DKG) began in 2013, deep in the heart of Southeast Texas.


DKG was created as a platform for Dann Kriss to release games he had been developing since 2005, and as the company grows, so too does Dann’s list of games to release. Since childhood, Dann has always maintained a love of fantasy and the macabre, and these passions show through in his games. Crafted with love and careful balancing, built solidly from theme, each game hopes to evoke both the solid gameplay and seamless core mechanics of Euro-style games with the theme-driven immersion and edge-of-your-seat excitement of Ameri-style games.


Each new game is a unique experience, an adventure into that strange doorway of the mind which takes us into worlds of magic, darkness, mystery and myth.


Come on in, grab some dice, and Game On!

Dann Kriss - Lead Game Designer

& Business Manager

Philip Tolin - Public Relations

Ian Daniels - Arkham Nights,

Cthulhu: The Great Old One

Galen Ihlenfeldt - Tavern Masters

Shane Tyree - Sixpence Bakery



DKG’s War Council – Dann’s personal group of gamers who ensure that DKG games are both of the highest quality and excitement


Heads Vs. Wall – Independent group of gamers who help playtest for DKG



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